+++++ Important update in regards to the recent accident at the CCC +++++

Hi Everyone,

The recent accident in the club had us (the committee, guides and other volunteers) all shocked and made us re-thinking about what and how we are doing things. We came together for an assessment of the accident and review of our procedures and come up with changes that will improve the safety for everyone.

Following here is information on the incident, our assessment and thoughts, as well as all the changes in our procedures that should make our climbing experience at the club safer for everyone.


Summary of events from the accident on the 21/03/2024

During a climbing club event, a climber fell from 9–10m height to the ground. The climber and belayer were solo belaying (without a backup belay) using a belay assist device (Climbing Technology ClickUp). The climber sustained injuries that led to hospitalization, and is currently recovering.

The club stopped activities for 3 weeks and used the time for a close investigation of the event and to perform a thorough assessment and review of the used gear and possible weaknesses as well as processes used in the club. We had several discussions between the committee, the active guides, and the staff from the Northern Outlook (which runs the facility), who proposed changes to the committee. The club’s committee then decided on a number of changes in processes as well as type of gear used for solo belaying that should increase the safety of the climbers in the club and highly reduce the chance of such an incident to happen again.


Assessment of the incident

The assessment of the gear used showed no damage or failure on the used belay device, the rope or the connection points (harness, knots, carabiners). We therefore exclude faulty gear as reason for the accident.

We are not certain about what exact events leading to the accident, but were able to reconstruct possible scenarios that could have led to a similar ground fall accident. We simulated falls while using the belay device (Climbing Technology ClickUp) in various configurations, either rigged correctly, or incorrectly (with the belayer and climber side of the rope switched), as well as with the belayer being active (controlling the break rope) or inactive (not holding the break rope).

If the device is rigged correctly, the device does lock and prevents the rope to run through as long as there is a small resistance on the break rope (i.e. it is held by the belayer). However, if there is no resistance on the rope (i.e. the belayer does not hold the break rope in their hands) the device does not lock and the rope can run through and thus not stopping a fall of the climber.

If the device is rigged incorrectly (the rope ends to climber and belayer are switched), it does not lock in the case of a fall and has much less friction compared to a normal ATC as we use them in the belay setup with backup belayer. Even when the belayer is active, the reduced friction can lead to the rope running through quickly and make it harder to control the descent or break the fall.

We also tested the Petzl GriGri+ as belay device in the same scenarios and found it significantly safer compared to the Climbing Technology ClickUp. It does lock, even if there is no resistance on the break rope (hands off), as long as it is rigged correctly. If rigged incorrectly and set to top rope mode, it is very difficult to take up rope during top rope climbing and thus alarm the belayer that the device is rigged incorrectly.


Our thoughts

There is always room for error in using belay devices and while climbing. The most important way of reducing the chance for failure is having good habits as belayer and climber.

  • Proper safety checks should identify incorrectly rigged belay devices, wrong or loose attachments of carabiners and knots, faulty gear and damage on the rope.
  • Correct belay technique should allow the belayer to always control the rope and thus the climber in case of a fall.
  • Good communication between the climber and belay team should prevent climbing without belayers being ready, and allow anyone to alarm the other in the team of upcoming issues (too much slack rope).

Finally, the club’s committee and guides have the responsibility to set up a safe system and instruct as well as supervise everyone on good technique and behaviour. This is commonly not existing in commercial climbing gyms and a great feature of our club. While ultimately the responsibility lies with the climber and belayer,

  • tight supervision of safety checks can foster strong safety habits,
  • good supervision of belay teams can detect and correct poor technique, and
  • good instruction of new members can help to prevent bad belay technique to begin with.


Finally, a comment on the general safety of indoor climbing compare to other activities. In contrast to an often encountered misconception, indoor rock climbing is very safe. While the existing risks are scary, they can be controlled extremely well. Here is some data:

A comparison of the National Incident Database from Uploads lists indoor harness activities with 1.6 incidents in 1000 activity days vs 4.1 for free time, 8.6 for walking/running and 13.8 for camping (for 2023/23, https://uploadsproject.org/).

The Australian Institute for Health and Welfare lists the number of hospitalisations for 100k participations in different sports https://www.aihw.gov.au/reports-data/health-conditions-disability-deaths/sports-injury/data).

Rugby leads with >1.200, roller sports has >1.100, football >600, netball >200, dancing >90, and recreational walking has >20.

In comparison, we had >15.000 participations in the climbing club since we started in 2016 and only one incident leading to hospitalization, which would calculate as just below 7 in 100.000!  Three times as good as recreational walking!

Nevertheless, we do not want to have 7 when we reach 100k participations, we want to keep it at 1.


The following changes have been decided on by the committee and will be implemented as soon as possible.

Changes in regards to belaying without backup (solo belaying):


Change of solo belay device

We will discontinue the use of the Climbing Technology ClickUp as solo belay device and use instead the Petzl GriGri+. The GriGri+ has two main advantages. Firstly, it does lock in case of a fall even if the belayer does not hold the break rope in their hand, as long as it is rigged correctly. Secondly, it is very difficult to feed out rope when it is rigged incorrectly and therefore prevent the climber from ascending the wall without the belayer noticing that the device is rigged incorrectly.

This change should highly decrease the possibility rigging the device incorrectly and highly increase the chance of the belayer catching a potential fall, even if they accidently let go of the rope.


Solo Belay Induction Form

The solo belay induction will be completed by signing a form, which lists all relevant points that should have been covered during the induction (checklist) and describes the responsibilities of the belayer.

Using a form should help to ensure all crucial points are covered during the induction and understood by the solo belayer as well emphasising their responsibility when belaying without a backup.


Regular solo belay spot checks

All solo belayers must have their first belay at every climbing event observed and approved by a guide.

This change should foster a culture of checks, emphasises importance of checks and ensures good technique for increased safety of participants. It also acts as regular spot check for the competency of solo belayers.


Solo Belay License Tags

The solo belayer will receive a license tag after successful assessment that has to be worn visibly on their harness during the climbing session.

This should increase visibility on who is allowed to solo belay. The visible tag makes it easy for the guide to maintain overview who is permitted to solo belay.


Changes for general climbing activities:

Strong emphasis on safety checks

We will put more emphasis on regular and good safety checks in the gym.

It should become second nature of everyone in the club to perform safety checks all the time. This is among the best way to reduce the chance for human error during the climbing activities.


List of Rules and Responsibilities

A list of rules and responsibilities for every participant as well as guides and club volunteers will be hang up on the notice board visible for everyone. New members will be requirement to read and acknowledge the rules when joining the club.

This will increase the understanding of common rules in the gym and during climbing activities by all participants and members. It will further help to cover all important points when inducting new members.


Visibility of supervising guide

The active guide supervising the activity will wear a hi-vis fabric to be visible for everybody.

This should help to identify who is actively supervising the room and clarify the role under the present guides.


Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct has been implemented that describes the expected behaviour of members in the club and provides means of maintaining and fostering a good culture.

We believe that the Cairns Climbing Club has a great culture of inclusion, respect and support between all members and participants. A Code of Conduct shows our commitment to such a good culture and will helps to maintain that culture in the future. Please hold the committee and everyone in the club responsible to the code and report any misconduct to help maintain our club as place we all like to enjoy. 



The Cairns Climbing Club Committee



It is getting hotter out there. Time to start up the pizza
+++++ Climbing nights ends at 8.30pm from now on (25/02/2024)+++++
Important news everyone!
We are changing the end time of the climbing nights from 9pm to 8.30pm. The start of the climbing night is still 6pm.
It has been often a bit of s struggle for most of our volunteers to run the climbing nights until that late, getting late to bed when having to get up early, or not being able to get to the shops when coming to climbing directly from work.
Often only few people remain climbing after 8pm, and probably most of us can get a sufficient portion of climbing done in 2.5h.
So the change is to take care of the volunteers who make the club possible and to let them enjoy it as much as they can.
Occasionally, we might run the night out until 9pm, but the official and standard time to leave the gym is from now on 8.30pm.
Thanks for your understanding!!!



+++++ CCC Summerfest  2024 +++++
It is getting hotter out there. Time to start up the pizza oven and have the annual CCC summer fest. 😃
This time on a Saturday 25/11 2-7pm $10 climbing (with booking), pizza, t-shirt printing, climbing shoe bazar, short movies, AGM
This means we will have the afternoon to evening filled with climbing, T-shirt printing, and pizza, followed by the club’s annual general meeting (AGM).
We need numbers for the AGM , so please consider to stick around. While it is the important event of the day, there will be FUN packed around it. It will be very similar to the ones from last years, we will make and eat pizza, print our logo on T-shirts, and climb for a reduced price.
Because we went over capacity last time, we will split the climbing session it two. 2-4pm and 4-5.30pm both for which bookings are required. We do give inductions only at the begin of the first session. So if it is your first time, come at 2pm.  Entry fee is $10 and the money goes to the club (mainly pizza toppings).
We will have the conference room opposite of the gym available for gathering, entertainment and play. We will have running some climbing short movies and there is space to play with the kids (bring games, if you have), or just hang out in the aircon.
Outside we will have T-shirt printing and pizza prep. Bring your own T-shirt or other textile to get the climbing club logo printed on!
The beautiful stone oven in the outside area will be hot! The dough will be prepared! Toppings will be available! MYO Pizza and share it with everyone!
Bring yourself some beverages, but not in glass! It is a glass-free area.
Date: Saturday, 25/11/2023
Location: The Northern Outlook (where we always are)
Time: 2pm-7pm
2pm – 4pm : Climbing session 1: indcutions, $10, booking required
4pm – 5.30pm : Climbing session 2: no newbies, $10, booking required
5pm – 6pm : Stone oven Pizza, BYO drinks (no glass!!!)
6pm – 6.30pm : AGM
The AGM will be the official part of the evening.
There will be the general information part with reports of the president (Lars) and the treasurer (Tom) followed by forming a new committee.
This means the committee members will resign from the committee and everyone nominated can be elected to one of the eight positions in the committee. If there are more than 8 candidates, we will have an election and every attending member can vote. When the eight members are elected, the three offices will be filled (president, treasurer, and secretary).
If you are interested in taking part in organizing the club, please consider to join the committee!
Finally, it is always good to have more helping hands around. Feel free to join in helping preparing the pizza toppings, printing T-shirts, playing games in the entertainment room, … Thanks!
Your CairnsClimbingClub Committee
(Fin, Geoff, Jake, Sarah, Tom L, Tom S, Tony, and Lars)


+++++ Christmas Break until 09/01/23 +++++

We will all have a break over Christmas and be back for climbing on the 9th of January.
Happy holidays everyone!


+++++ Climbing night cancellation (05/12/22) +++++

Unfortunately, we have to cancel the climbing tonight. Covid got the best of us. 🙁


+++++  Summerfest/ AGM 2022  outcome +++++
We had a successful Summerfest yesterday with a good number of climbers, pizza eaters and t-shirt printers.
Special thanks to Steph for making the dough monster, Alex for getting all the toppings, Geoff and Fin helping to set routes on the outside wall, Tony for managing the t-shirt printing and everyone else who helped out making it a fun day even though a lot of people missed out due to covid and other duties.
Huge thanks to Glen who started the Pizza oven early in the morning to garantee us crispy delicious pizzas, who installed the sprinkler system on the outside wall, and helped during the day wherever he could. Further a big thanks to TNO, which gave us one day/year free of charge, to fundraise for the club (it went straight to the pizza toppings), and allowed us to use the area around the pizza oven as well as the conference room (which we didnt need at the end) free of charge.
It is obvious that the club would not exist without the TNO and their team, but their continuous support makes the club what it is today. Thanks so much for that!!!
At the end of the day we had our annual general meeting, to which just enough people stayed to have a quorum. We formed a new committee for the next year. Most people stayed on: Fin, Geoffrey, Jake, Sarah (as secretary), Tom L (as treasurer) and me (as president). We got back Tony (he had been on 3 of the last 4 years), and as new member Tom S, while Alex stepped down. Thanks for your help in the last year. In particular to our treasurer Tom L, who did a great job making sure all our finances are in order!
It has been a good year (even though we struggled a bit with low guide numbers) and I am looking forward to another good one ahead.



+++++ Quick  Summerfest Info +++++

Covid hit and we are down a few volunteers today. There is always a bit to do around guiding, printing T-shirts, preparing and baking pizza, preparing the AGM,.. but this time we are spread thin.

So please feel free to jump in and help out where you can.


  • We got the outside wall going with optional water sprinkler on top! (Bring swimmers and a towel!)
  • We got an room with aircon and tables for other activities (bring toys for kids or some other activity to keep you busy when you are not climbing)
  • We got one yard game (finska). Bring more if you have! 🙂
  • We got a few blank T-Shirts from the op shops, but bring your favourite one to finally print the club logo onto it.
  • $10 for climbing, Pizza is free 😃

    See you soon!



+++++ Update on the Summerfest +++++

    • Outside ‘waterfall’ climbing (bring change of clothes)
    • Aircon room (bring games)
    • Yard games
    • T-shirt printing (bring your own shirts)

Last year we had a lot of people coming for climbing and the gym filled up quickly. This year we have a few more activities for the outside available.

As the main feature, the outside climbing wall on the back of the building will be active! And because it is summer and likely hot, we have a sprinkler system cooling you down on the wall while you are climbing.

There will be also a couple of yard games (kubb and finska) available and we will have access to the room across the gym, which has aircon and tables.

Other outside activities are printing-your-own-shirt and preparing-pizza-toppings. Don’t forget to bring  shirts to print on.

+++++ CCC Summerfest and AGM (Sunday 04/12/22)  +++++

Dear Cairns Climbing Club Members,

It is time for the annual tradition of having the CCC Summer Fest and our annual general meeting (AGM)!!!

This means we will have a Sunday afternoon/evening filled with climbing, T-shirt printing, and pizza, followed by the club’s AGM in which we inform you about what happened in the club the last year, and form a new committee for the coming year. We invite you all to come and take part in the club’s official business!

While the AGM is the important event, there will be FUN packed around it. It will be very similar to the ones from last years, we will make and eat pizza, print our logo on T-shirts, and climb.


Date: Sunday, 4th December 2022

Location: The Northern Outlook (where we always are)

Time: 2pm-7pm

2pm – 5pm Climbing for everyone! ($10 entrance fee that basically pays for the pizza)

5pm – 6pm Stone oven Pizza, BYO drinks (no glass!!!)

6.15pm – 7pm AGM



2pm – 5pm Climbing For everyone! ($10)

To support the club, the TNO offers us one night per year without charging climbers an entry-fee. So all funds raised from the entry fee can be used to buy pizza toppings! Thanks, TNO-Team!

3pm – 5pm T-Shirt printing (free, bring your own shirt)

Our screen with the climbing club logo will be read for printing. You only have to bring your own shirt for it to become an official climbing club shirt.

5pm – 6pm Pizza

The beautiful stone oven in the outside area will be hot! The dough will be prepared! Toppings will be available! MYO Pizza and share it with everyone!

BYO drinks. The area is glass-free, so bring cans!
PSA: If you had an alcoholic beverage, you cannot come back into the gym to climb!

6.15pm – 7pm AGM

The AGM will be the official part of the evening. It will start at 6.15pm (when you are all full of delicious pizza).
There will be the general information part with reports of the president (Lars) and the treasurer (Tom) followed by forming a new committee.
This means the committee members will resign from the committee and everyone nominated can be elected to one of the eight positions in the committee. If there are more than 8 candidates, we will have an election and every attending member can vote. When the eight members are elected, the three offices will be filled (president, treasurer, and secretary).

If you are interested in taking part in organising the club, please consider to join the committee!


There is a bit of work involved to make the day fun and to run smoothly. So, we’re looking for people to help with preparing pizzas and screen printing of shirts. Having three people at each spot at any time would be perfect. Please help out where you can!


Your CairnsClimbingClub Committee
(Alex, Fin, Geoff, Jake, Sarah, Tom and Lars)




+++++ EFTPOS is finally available at the club!!!+++++

You can pay with card. No need to rush to the ATM to grab those outdated bank notes.
EFTPOS is finally available at the club!!!
This one is a bit in the making and we are relieved to finally have an EFTPOS reader in working condition.
The main issue had always been the limited internet access at site. This had changed with TNO installing a signal booster. After that it still took us a bit to get all the bits together and running.
But from now on we can say: Bring cash, OR CARD!
There is a 1.9% surcharge for the use of the EFTPOS system though.
Normal entry is $18.39
Regulars / kids pay $15.29

+++++ Events are bookable 2 weeks ahead (instead of 5 weeks ahead)! +++++

Events are from now on bookable only 2 weeks ahead (has been 5 weeks ahead)!

The committee discussed and decided to change the time anyone can book ahead spots for club nights. For one, we hope that having less time from booking to the event will reduce the number of no-shows as people might forget their booking when they book 5 weeks ahead. Then, it should turn away less people that want to come and are frustrated that there is no free spot for the next 4 weeks. Finally, this should just mix it up a bit; the setting has been good for long term planners, but less good for short term planners. Fair to change that after more than two years.

We hope that it works well and will see how it goes. Maybe leave it, or change back.

Let us know what you think!

+++++ Accidental deletion of event/bookings for the Thursdays 21/04 and 05/05 +++++

We mistakenly deleted the next Thursday events in the booking calendar and thus deleted all the bookings you made. 😬 This impacted the dates 21/04 and 05/05. Sorry about that! We cannot recover the bookings through the website booking plugin and there had not been any notifications been send out. So the only thing we can do is open up the days again and hope everyone impacted will find out.

Apologies for the inconvenience! We hope that everyone gets the info in time.

+++++ Climbing night cancelled due to heavy rain (14/03/22) +++++

Unfortunately, we have to cancel the climbing tonight.
TNO had to close the site because the causeway got flooded due to heavy rainfall (120mm here in Redlynch this morning).


+++++ Back to normal! Starting next week (07/03/22) +++++
Good news everyone!
The COVID restrictions are loosening and we are going back to the full amount of people per climbing night. We had 15 in January and 20 plus volunteers in February, which allowed everyone to keep physical distance and for us to have enough volunteers to run the nights. Fortunately the omicron wave was rather mild in Cairns and most of us got away pretty well.
In addition, the QLD COVID regulations are loosening this Friday (04/03) and we do not have to wear masks in the gym anymore!
We will also allow to climb next to each other but keep the hand sanitizer as an optional feature.
So, from next week on we will pretty much be back to climbing nights as it was before the pandemic with the benefit of having a booking syste:
Full numbers, no masks, no physical distancing, no need to sanitize hands between climbs!

+++++ COVID community transmissions and the CCC (01/02/22) +++++

Hi everyone!
Quick update on how we will continue the climbing in the club during the ongoing omicron wave.
We increase the numbers to 20 booking spots plus 3-5 volunteers for February or until further notice.


+++++ COVID community transmissions and the CCC (17/01/22) +++++

Hi everyone!
Quick update on how we will continue the climbing in the club during the ongoing omicron wave.
We (the committee and other volunteers) want to be back to have normal climbing nights, but we also want to keep us and others safe. The best solution we see at the moment is to run nights with reduced numbers, which 1) makes it easier to social distance and limit possible transmission, and 2) requires fewer guides, which make is more likely that we can run the climbing night and don’t have to cancel.
This means we will reduce to 12 booking spots until the end of January (plus 3 volunteers). Apologies, for some bookings will be cancelled. The bookings made first will be preferred, and people that have been cancelled at one night will be preferred the following. We will try to not split groups (e.g. families).
To limit any potential transmission, e will be also continue with the usual precautions:
    • keep one rope free between climbing teams,
    • physical distance on the ground as much as possible,
    • sanitize hands between climbs (treat gear and the wall, which we cannot clean, as potentially infectious).
In addition, we will comply with the actual QLD restrictions:
    • check-in when entering,
    • wear masks inside, although the mask can be taken off when climbing hard (strenuous activities).

Further, we ask everyone to do the right thing and take care for each other: take the precautions more serious than in times when we had no active cases in Cairns,

    • do not come, if feeling unwell or experience COVID symptoms, and
    • do not come, if you have been in recent contact with someone COVID positive.
We hope that we can stay safe while get back to a somewhat normal climbing life. Stay safe everyone and see you soon!

+++++ COVID community transmissions and the CCC (05/01/22) +++++

Dear CCC members,

COVID finally arrived in Cairns with case numbers rising every day and testing being rather insufficient at the moment and uncertainity how everything will develop. The increase in community transmission is of concern for us volunteers running the climbing club.

We do have some precautions i.e. hand sanitizing, physical distancing, mask wearing inside (but strenous activities like climbing can be done without mask), and taking used gear out of circulation for a week. Still, we are a lot of people in a small building, excercise, touch the same gear, have children running around… All in all not great to prevent community transmission with us volunteers being more exposed.

The committee has therefore decided to have a short halt on normal climbing nights and see how the situation develops here in Cairns. Today we do have not enough guides and would have to cancel anyways, and next Thursday is route setting. So we will also cancel next Monday in order to have 2 more weeks to decide how to move on (= no climbing nights until 17/01 or further notice).

It seems like the high vaccination rates and the prevailing omicron variant being highly infectious but also milder might lead to a normalization without too much stress on the health system (fingers crossed). This would allow us to take up business as usual soon.

Stay safe everyone! Please take care of yourselves and others and respect different opinions; we are all in it together!

+++++ Important Notice (05/12/21) +++++

Unfortunately, we had an accident happening during the last climbing night on Thursday; a climber had a ground fall!

The incident happened at the end of the night and involved two experienced climbers. It happened in a single-belay team and we believe it was a combination of factors that lead to the belayer not catching the fall of the climber properly. The fall came as a surprise and because the device had not been locked the slipping rope lead to rope burn and loss of control by the belayer. The climber fell several meters to the ground. Luckily the climber got away with only minor injuries.

The committee is in the process of analysing what happened further and will revise our standard operating procedures in order to come up with a solution that reduces the risk of such accident happening again.

Until further notice everyone must climb with a back-up belayer!

+++++ SummerFest / AGM 2021  +++++

05/12/2021  2pm-7pm

2pm – 5pm Climbing for everyone! ($10 entrance fee that pays the pizza toppings)

5pm – 6pm Stone oven Pizza (BYO drinks are welcome, but without glass)

6.15pm – 7pm AGM

More info on facebook or via email.

+++++ 20/11/21  COVID Update +++++

Social distancing while climbing is not required anymore. This means, you we can climb adjacent to other climbers and do not need to leave one rope free in between.

+++++ 04/08/21  COVID Update +++++

There has been at least one case in Cairns since yesterday! Contact tracing is on the way! At the moment that includes places in Cairns City, Trinity Beach and Yorkeys Knob. Please check the contact tracing page of QLD Health More places might be added soon.
We will proceed to have climbing on tonight but watch the development during the day.
Do not come to climbing if you are feeling unwell or have been to the exposure sites and do not have a negative test result!

+++++ Rain may impact access to the site +++++

Happy new Wet Season everyone!!!

Flood warnings are out for the next days and here comes the reminder that the site won’t be accessible during heavy rain. The little causeway on the road to the climbing gym floods quickly when it rains in Redlynch and we won’t be able to get in or out.

Climbing nights will be cancelled, if it pours down and the creek gets too high.
Be aware that cancellations may happen on very short notice, and if we are in and it starts pouring down we might have to call it and get out quickly. Also take into account that even if it is dry in the rest of Cairns, it might rain heavily in the valley.
The booking system makes it easy to inform everyone per mail. So please check your mail before coming when it looks like it might be wet.
In any case, stay safe and enjoy the rain!!!

+++++ CCC SummerFest 2020 (20/12/20) +++++

The CCC Summerfest is happening on Sunday afternoon!

In short this means we will have a Sunday afternoon/evening filled with climbing, T-shirt printing, stone oven pizza, the club’s annual general meeting and finish off with a climbing movie.

    • 3:00pm – 5:00pm Climbing For everyone! ($10 entrance fee that goes to the club)
    • 5.00pm – 6.00pm Stone oven Pizza (BYO drinks are welcome, but without glass)
    • 6.15pm – 7:00pm AGM
    • 7.15pm – 9:00ish Movie

Everyone is invited. We will still limit the number of people in the gym to 30 but allow more people in the outside area.

We start on Sunday at 3pm and finish around 9pm.

    • From 3pm to 5pm the climbing gym will be open. The entrance fee is only $10 (for everyone) but it goes all to the club (Thanks TNO!) so we can buy the ingredients for the pizza and the colours for the screen printing.
    • At the same time we will also do the screen printing. Bring a t-shirt or anything you want the CCC logo printed on.
    • From 5pm to 6pm we will prepare and eat fresh stone oven pizza.
    • After we filled our bellies, we all attend the annual general meeting (6.15-7pm).
    • This is the official part of the evening and contains the presidents and treasurers report about the last financial year. We will end with electing a new committee. Everyone who is interested in taking constructive part in the club is welcome to join.
    • To finish off the evening, we will watch a climbing movie on the big screen.

Everyone is invited to come, climb, have fun and eat as much pizza as possible. Please stick around for the AGM, as it is an important event of the club and please help out where you can (e.g with pizza preparation and screen printing).

It will be heaps of fun and I hope to see a lot of you on Sunday.

+++++ We are back to normal climbing nights including new members (06/08/20) +++++
Please check the info on the bookings page.
In order to keep climbing with the club relatively safe during a pandemic, we have to introduce some procedures and rules. Please read all info carefully before booking.

Our situation in the gym is a bit special and not ideal for containing infectious diseases. We are all cramped in a small room and touch surfaces and gear that cannot be cleaned efficiently. Please keep to the following procedures.

Before climbing:

Make sure you are healthy and do not have any of the symptoms!

  • Do you have fever? Cough? Sore throat? Headache? Shortness of breath?
  • Has anyone in your household had these symptoms in the last 14 days?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone having COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

If so, please do not come to the climbing gym in order to protect the health of others!

We will check your temperature before registering and will not allow you in if it exceeds 37.5 degrees.

Please make sure you understand and agree with the following procedures and rules before attending. There is a certain risk involved for you and others. Be aware of that risk and take care!

During climbing events:

Physical distancing

  • Keep 1.5m distance from your climbing partner and others in the gym.
  • Leave one climbing route free next to a climbing team.

Hand sanitizing

  • Please wash or sanitize your hands when entering the gym.
  • Use the hand sanitizer after you change a climbing route/set of anchors.

Treat the walls, belay devices, and ropes as if they are infected. They cannot be cleaned efficiently.


Gear will be lay out for everyone to take upon arrival and should be placed in boxes when leaving the gym. We try to keep the contact as little as possible. The gear cannot be disinfected chemically, but will be set aside for 7 days in order to have potential virulent particles become inactive. This is not the best way of disinfecting. Please be aware of that when using rental gear. It is recommended to use your own gear. We might also run short of gear, if we have multiple events per week.

Again! Please be aware of the risk involved for you and others. The club is run by volunteers and we are trying to keep the risk of infections as low as possible. We will have to make sure that everyone is safe and non-compliance with the procedures can lead to exclusion from climbing with the club.

Fortunately, the situation is not serious in FN QLD at the moment, but this can chance rapidly.

Thank you very much for your understanding!

Happy (and safe) climbing!!!

+++++ update on the progress of getting us back on the wall  (26/06) ++++++
TNO is slowly getting back to running their activities and we can get back into the gym, if we take care of a bunch of things.
As everyone might expect there will be a few changes in order to make climbing safe. Most importantly we will implement an online booking system. This will benefit everyone in that we can manage numbers better and make it fair who gets a spot. Plus no one has to leave after driving the whole way out there just to see that it is full already.
We will first run smaller groups (20max), which is 15 climbers, and 5 volunteers (guides and door management). This all means more work/climber for volunteers and might stretch the limitations of having not enough guides even more. But we will look into solutions, e.g. two sessions of 2h per evening. It will also mean, that because of the limitations we will run the first climbing events for regulars (members who paid the annual fee) and then for normal members, before we will take in new people. So please be patient. It will probably take a few weeks more. But we shall be back with a better system in which we can stay safe and healthy, while having a good time on the wall.

+++ IMPRTANT UPDATE +++ (17/03/2020)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Given the actual situation around the pandemic coronavirus, we decided it is the best to pause the climbing club activities for a while.

Looking at the development worldwide, Australia is one of the late countries to be hit. But the virus is here and it will spread. We can be active about it and try to slow it down in order to be able to deal with it better.

We believe the gym is a good place for spreading the virus. We cramp 30+ people in the small room and touch the same biners, tubes, ropes and climbing holds, while high-fiving our awesomeness and hugging constantly, because we like each other so much!

In addition, we are all fit, energetic, beautiful people with incredible finger strength and impeccable immune systems. Therefore, we might be carrying the infection without even noticing it. And even though we are not the risk group, we might have loved ones that are not so tough. And because they constantly want to touch our rock-hard biceps, they might risk infection with more severe outcome for themselves.

Fun aside, all signs alert that it is a serious thread. We are lucky in Australia that we are late and can see what happened in other places. Good advise is to isolate and help slowing down the spread to reduce the number of fatalities.

Please understand that not coming to the climbing club will be a good thing.

We miss you already and there will be a big group hug event when it is over, which might take a several weeks/months.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Committee


Welcome to the Cairns Climbing Club Website!

Our club has access to the climbing facility of the Northern Outlook in Redlynch and runs regular climbing nights for its members.
Everyone is welcome to join the club and be part of a small friendly community of climbers. That means there are no restrictions on age, prior experience, or anything else.

Just come along to any climbing night, sign up, and get started! Kids are very welcome, but might want to bring their parents or a guardian to watch them or help them belaying.

Any new member will get an introduction, in which they get familiarised with the belay technique and the gym in general. The set-up of the gym differs from normal climbing gyms in that we have only top-rope, back-up belayers, and guides to oversee the climbing activities.

There are shoes to rent and harnesses/helmets to use. You only need to bring sporty clothes. You do not need to bring a climbing buddy or a belay team, but can easily meet fellow climbers on the site. We are a very open and friendly community. Just come along and check it out!

Climbing nights are usually every Monday and every second Wednesday, but make sure to look into the calendar!

There are more infos on the info page and better check the location page, if you need directions.

See you soon!

Disclaimer: The club is non-profit and run by volunteers. This means we try to keep the costs for members as low as possible, and it may be possbile that climbing nights are cancelled on short notice due to lack of available volunteers.

Private: Calendar


General Info

Climbing Nights

Everybody is welcome!

Monday nights are for everyone, including newcomers. If it is your first time at the club, you have to come on a Monday. We will give you an induction and teach you how to belay/climb safely.

The second night per week (either Wednesday or Thursday) is for regulars only (who paid the annual fee). We do not give inductions on a regulars night, but if your schedule does not allow to come on a Monday, write us and we will find a solution.


Children and Teenagers (<18)

There is no minimum age for climbing, we do have very small harnesses.

Parents are expected to supervise and climb with their children. We do have blue cards, but we cannot take care of kids and we do not offer climbing lessons. We teach everyone from 10 years or older how to belay and 8 years or older to use the back-up belay. Parents/guardians of children are expected to learn how to belay in order to climb with their kids. Parents who do not climb (even if they belay) counts as spectator and does not need to pay the entrance fee. Every person needs a booking. 

Teenagers that are experienced and self-sufficient can be left without supervision from their parents.

Underage climber (<18 years) coming for the first time need to bring a parent/guardian or a completely filled and signed membership and medical forms (all sides filled)!



Entry fees are $18 for adults and $15 for everyone less than 18 years old.

Regular members can pay $30 annual fee (1 yr from the date you pay), which reduces each entry to $15 and allows you to climb on a regulars night (Wednesdays and Thursdays). If you have a concession card, the cost the annual fee is only $15.

Payment in cash or via EFTPOS.

The entrance fee includes harnesses and helmets as well as beginner Climbing shoes (from the site).

Anyone who does not climb, does not need to pay entry fee. Parents/guardians can belay their children while not needing to pay.

Everyone in the room needs a booking, i.e. every spectator takes a spot for which someone else cannot climb. Please do not bring the whole family to watch the child climb. 

Explanation: The facility charges us $14.85 per person climbing and covers the gear. We need to pay ~$4000 per year for insurance, which can be covered by collecting from each adult $3 per climbing night or $30 per year.

We try to make is as cheap as possible for kids and offer reduced annual fee for anyone with a concession card.

Nobody gets paid for helping out in the club, we are all volunteers.



6pm to 8.30pm


Usually every Monday and either Wednesdays or Thursdays. Check the booking calendar for dates.

We generally take public holidays off and once in a while skip a regular’s night for route setting.


Address: 646 Redlynch Intake Road, Redlynch 4870.

The entrance is on the right after the quarry and after the horse paddock.

More info here.

Spontaneous cancelling

Be aware that the site may be not accessible during heavy rain! The causeway to the facility floods fast, which blocks our access.

Climbing nights might also be cancelled on short notice, when our volunteers that run the nights are not available.


The climbing gym is located on the property of The Nothern Outlook.

The address is 646 Redlynch Intake Road, Redlynch.

Google maps link

It is past Redlynch on the way to Crystal Cascades, just behind the quarry and the horse paddock to the right (there is a turning lane). Drive through the gate and follow the road until the end. We are in the tallest building.



The best way to contact us is via facebook and write us a message there.

While we do have an official email: ccc@cairnsclimbingclub.com.au, it gets overwhelmed with spam and we can only occasionallly check it.