+++++ update on the progress of getting us back on the wall  (26/06) ++++++
TNO is slowly getting back to running their activities and we can get back into the gym, if we take care of a bunch of things.
As everyone might expect there will be a few changes in order to make climbing safe. Most importantly we will implement an online booking system. This will benefit everyone in that we can manage numbers better and make it fair who gets a spot. Plus no one has to leave after driving the whole way out there just to see that it is full already.
We will first run smaller groups (20max), which is 15 climbers, and 5 volunteers (guides and door management). This all means more work/climber for volunteers and might stretch the limitations of having not enough guides even more. But we will look into solutions, e.g. two sessions of 2h per evening. It will also mean, that because of the limitations we will run the first climbing events for regulars (members who paid the annual fee) and then for normal members, before we will take in new people. So please be patient. It will probably take a few weeks more. But we shall be back with a better system in which we can stay safe and healthy, while having a good time on the wall.



+++ IMPRTANT UPDATE +++ (17/03/2020)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Given the actual situation around the pandemic coronavirus, we decided it is the best to pause the climbing club activities for a while.

Looking at the development worldwide, Australia is one of the late countries to be hit. But the virus is here and it will spread. We can be active about it and try to slow it down in order to be able to deal with it better.

We believe the gym is a good place for spreading the virus. We cramp 30+ people in the small room and touch the same biners, tubes, ropes and climbing holds, while high-fiving our awesomeness and hugging constantly, because we like each other so much!

In addition, we are all fit, energetic, beautiful people with incredible finger strength and impeccable immune systems. Therefore, we might be carrying the infection without even noticing it. And even though we are not the risk group, we might have loved ones that are not so tough. And because they constantly want to touch our rock-hard biceps, they might risk infection with more severe outcome for themselves.

Fun aside, all signs alert that it is a serious thread. We are lucky in Australia that we are late and can see what happened in other places. Good advise is to isolate and help slowing down the spread to reduce the number of fatalities.

Please understand that not coming to the climbing club will be a good thing.

We miss you already and there will be a big group hug event when it is over, which might take a several weeks/months.

Stay safe and healthy!

The Committee


Welcome to the Cairns Climbing Club Website!

Our club has access to the climbing facility of the Northern Outlook in Redlynch and runs regular climbing nights for its members.
Everyone is welcome to join the club and be part of a small friendly community of climbers. That means there are no restrictions on age, prior experience, or anything else.

Just come along to any climbing night, sign up, and get started! Kids are very welcome, but might want to bring their parents or a guardian to watch them or help them belaying.

Any new member will get an introduction, in which they get familiarised with the belay technique and the gym in general. The set-up of the gym differs from normal climbing gyms in that we have only top-rope, back-up belayers, and guides to oversee the climbing activities.

There are shoes to rent and harnesses/helmets to use. You only need to bring sporty clothes. You do not need to bring a climbing buddy or a belay team, but can easily meet fellow climbers on the site. We are a very open and friendly community. Just come along and check it out!

Climbing nights are usually every Monday and every second Wednesday, but make sure to look into the calendar!

There are more infos on the info page and better check the location page, if you need directions.

See you soon!

Disclaimer: The club is non-profit and run by volunteers. This means we try to keep the costs for members as low as possible, and it may be possbile that climbing nights are cancelled on short notice due to lack of available volunteers.

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Climbing Nights

Everybody is welcome! Especially kids!

Newbies are welcome every Monday and will get an introduction to the site and learn how to climb safely.

Kids are welcome and there is no


Entry fees are $18 for adults and $15 for everyone less than 18 years old.

Supporting members pay $30 per year and then only $15 for each entry.

Shoes can be rented for $2 from the club (limited sizes) and $7 from the site (all sizes).

Harnesses and helmets are available and free to use.
We only accept cash.


6pm to 9pm

(We have a 30 person maximum in the building! This is usually okay, but sometimes we have to send people home.)


Usually every Monday and every second Wednesday, but not on public holidays.

Mondays are regular nights for everyone including newbies, while Wednesday is only for supporting members (who paid the annual fee of $30) as well as kids.

Please check the calendar!

Attention  Be aware that the site may be not accessible during heavy rain!


The climbing gym is located on the property of The Nothern Outlook. Between Redlynch and the Crystal Cascades. It is just behind the quarry and the horse paddock to the right (there is a turning lane). Drive through the gate and follow the road until the end. We are in the tallest building.

The address is 646 Redlynch Intake Road, Redlynch.