Welcome to the new booking page!

Here you can make a booking to attend at club climbing nights that are shown in the calendar below.

Heads up!

  • You have to have a booking to be allowed inside. Every person needs to be booked in (including spectators), otherwise we have to turn you away.
  • If you come for the first time, you need to come on a Monday night. We do not give inductions on regulars nights.
  • If you have a booking, you are responsible for it. We know that life can gets in the way sometimes and shit happens. But if you dont show up, someone else misses out and it is bad for the club. We do this for the community. Cancel if you cannot make it!

Please register and log in to make a booking.

We have to limit numbers strictly due to the ongoing pandemic and try to make the distribution of spots fair. You should be able to see how many free spots are available.

You can book until 1h before the event and at the moment you can book multiple nights and also book mulitple spots per night. Please only use that to book someone without email.

Please make sure you will attend a booked event as others might miss out if you do not show up (and there might be a penalty). You can cancel your booking up until 1 hours before the event. If you don’t show up and have not cancelled, someone else will miss out on climbing and the club misses out on entrance fee. We do not wan’t to encourage egoistic behaviour and might cancel your next bookings or set you on hold for 2 weeks to enable other people to get a spot.

Regulars nights are only for members that paid the annual fee ($30) to support the club. You can sign up as member at the night.

Normal nights (Mondays) are for all members.

We hope this system works well and leads to a better experience for everyone. It involves more work and more things can go wrong. Please be understanding, when issues arise. If you have any questions or want to raise concerns, please write to


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