Climbing Nights

Everybody is welcome! Especially kids!

Newbies are welcome every Monday and will get an introduction to the site and learn how to climb safely.

Kids are welcome and there is no


Entry fees are $18 for adults and $15 for everyone less than 18 years old.

Supporting members pay $30 per year and then only $15 for each entry.

Shoes can be rented for $2 from the club (limited sizes) and $7 from the site (all sizes).

Harnesses and helmets are available and free to use.
We only accept cash.


6pm to 9pm

(We have a 30 person maximum in the building! This is usually okay, but sometimes we have to send people home.)


Usually every Monday and every second Wednesday, but not on public holidays.

Mondays are regular nights for everyone including newbies, while Wednesday is only for supporting members (who paid the annual fee of $30) as well as kids.

Please check the calendar!

Attention  Be aware that the site may be not accessible during heavy rain!