General Info

Climbing Nights

Everybody is welcome!

Monday nights are for everyone, including newcomers. If it is your first time at the club, you have to come on a Monday. We will give you an induction and teach you how to belay/climb safely.

The second night per week (either Wednesday or Thursday) is for regulars only (who paid the annual fee). We do not give inductions on a regulars night, but if your schedule does not allow to come on a Monday, write us and we will find a solution.


Children and Teenagers (<18)

There is no minimum age for climbing, we do have very small harnesses.

Parents are expected to supervise and climb with their children. We do have blue cards, but we cannot take care of kids and we do not offer climbing lessons. We teach everyone from 10 years or older how to belay and 8 years or older to use the back-up belay. Parents/guardians of children are expected to learn how to belay in order to climb with their kids. Parents who do not climb (even if they belay) counts as spectator and does not need to pay the entrance fee. Every person needs a booking. 

Teenagers that are experienced and self-sufficient can be left without supervision from their parents.

Underage climber (<18 years) coming for the first time need to bring a parent/guardian or a completely filled and signed membership and medical forms (all sides filled)!



Entry fees are $18 for adults and $15 for everyone less than 18 years old.

Regular members can pay $30 annual fee (1 yr from the date you pay), which reduces each entry to $15 and allows you to climb on a regulars night (Wednesdays and Thursdays). If you have a concession card, the cost the annual fee is only $15.

Payment in cash or via EFTPOS.

The entrance fee includes harnesses and helmets as well as beginner Climbing shoes (from the site).

Anyone who does not climb, does not need to pay entry fee. Parents/guardians can belay their children while not needing to pay.

Everyone in the room needs a booking, i.e. every spectator takes a spot for which someone else cannot climb. Please do not bring the whole family to watch the child climb. 

Explanation: The facility charges us $14.85 per person climbing and covers the gear. We need to pay ~$4000 per year for insurance, which can be covered by collecting from each adult $3 per climbing night or $30 per year.

We try to make is as cheap as possible for kids and offer reduced annual fee for anyone with a concession card.

Nobody gets paid for helping out in the club, we are all volunteers.



6pm to 8.30pm


Usually every Monday and either Wednesdays or Thursdays. Check the booking calendar for dates.

We generally take public holidays off and once in a while skip a regular’s night for route setting.


Address: 646 Redlynch Intake Road, Redlynch 4870.

The entrance is on the right after the quarry and after the horse paddock.

More info here.

Spontaneous cancelling

Be aware that the site may be not accessible during heavy rain! The causeway to the facility floods fast, which blocks our access.

Climbing nights might also be cancelled on short notice, when our volunteers that run the nights are not available.